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ACQ Holdings a parent company of entrepreneurial ventures of its owners. Since its inception in 2013, ACQ was profitable within 1 year and has tripled in size year over year. Given that rate of growth and on target to continue that trend, ACQ is constantly seeking the best and the brightest individuals in a wide range of skill sets to help us consistently improve the strength of the organization.


ACQ's strength is in its people, we set lofty goals and make sure we have the best people possible in order to achieve them. We succeed because of the skills, experience and drive of the people that make up our company.


ACQ has an aggressive growth strategy as we seek to, at minimum, double our portfolio size year over year. At present, we have consistently beat that benchmark.


ACQ is always seeking new ideas and new industry verticals, we are open to partnerships and acquisitions where our talents and needs align. If you have a proposal for ACQ please contact us below.


In 2013, we decided to take the leap into the subprime lending industry. Our goal was to take an ethical approach to helping good people in difficult financial times. In the midst of setting up the new company we were faced with difficult regulatory challenges that enhanced our vision and the outcome is now our biggest portfolio asset to date. Our customers prefer our business and has a return rate of over 95% on average.

  • Our Humble Beginnings

    A Leap of Faith

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Starting out in the kitchen of one of the founders, our mission has been clearly stated since day one. Help good people in difficult financial times while creating an educational experience highlighting where our clients can save money! In return, our clients prefer to continue doing business with us long term. Taking care of the client up front harnesses a relationship where the client then takes care of the business in return. We are satisfied knowing we can help individuals while creating an understanding throughout the lending experience.

  • An Agency Is Born

    Money Lending

    An Agency is Born

    After spending nearly 10 years combined in the short term lending industry we decided to create our own product that would help good people in difficult financial times maneuver through the loan process with ease.

  • Fostering Relationships

    Fostering Relationships

    Transition to Full Service

    .We took the initiative to create a product that sets the benchmark higher than any competitor in the market place. Our culture is strengthened by our front line team. The customer's appreciate our advice and in return we create a lasting relationship.

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Positions at ACQ

We created a stress free and diversified work environment where you are free to be yourself. We provide competitive pay and a strong benefits package. We constantly work to cultivate talent. Below are some of the tyipcal jobs we may be hiring for, but check our jobs board to see active listings and apply.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Be the liaison between our company and its current potential customers.


Administrative Assistant

Provide financial information to management by researching and analyzing accounting data; preparing reports, and more.


Recovery Specialist

Play a cruicial role in recovering payments on accounts.

Our culture is strengthened by our front line team. We train our staff to become problem solvers rather than drones. Come be a part of our team!

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